Hand-drawn quality-scanned caricature portrait (1 face)

Generic background included in portrait price

Additional faces AUD$15 each (max. 20)

(NOTE: To receive your original drawing put ADD POSTAGE in your Cart)





Family, friends, newly weds, a class or club memory, or perhaps just an epic portrait of your pets to dominate the entrance hall of your abode!

Enjoy our professional quality production of mimu’s renowned caricature style, hand-drawn and delivered fast at the lowest possible price.

Make a moment in time last forever, you’ll be eternally glad you did!

What You Get

A3 size professionally detailed high-resolution scan of one face/head and shoulders (generic background decoration included) sent to your email immediately upon completion. That’s what you get for the displayed price.

Add Faces!

Only one face is included in the basic portrait price.

Add a second character to your portrait by adding one quantity of our +1 FACE product (AUD$15) to your Cart.

Add one more quantity for each additional face you wish to add to your portrait.

You can add up to 19 quantities of +1 FACE for your A3 Portrait (max total 20).

Add Background!

Want more detail than the standard generic background?

Simply put one quantity of our ADD BACKGROUND product into your Cart, and use the text box at the Checkout to type your background instructions.

Add Bodies!

Want more than just head and shoulders?

Turn all the characters in your portrait into full-bodied caricatures by adding just one quantity of our ADD BODIES product (AUD$12.50) to your Cart.

You can also type any relevant preferences for clothes/costumes in the text box at the Checkout.

Add Postage!

Add one quantity of our ADD POSTAGE product to your Cart and we’ll post your hand-drawn original sketch on the same day that we email your digital scan. We charge a set amount of $12.50 for postage, and we absorb any slight additional costs if your delivery goes over the set amount.


If the postage cost to your location is too far over the cost for us, then you may have to purchase another ADD POSTAGE product – we will inform as part of the order confirmation if this applies to your postal location.

Add Framing!

Receive your original sketch in a durable stylish hard-backed frame by simply adding our FRAMING & POSTAGE product ($30) to your Cart.

We will confirm delivery arrangements in your order confirmation email.