Original sketch in a hard-back light-weight wooden frame.

Delivery details included in Order Confirmation Email.


Framed and delivered at cost and with care

A good quality, durable hard-back light-weight frame for your A4 or A3 portrait.

We will select the most suitable frame colour for you as part of our usual procedure, unless otherwise advised in your order notes text box.


We charge a set amount for framing and postage, and we absorb any slight additional costs if your delivery goes over the set amount.

This is not something we profit from – overall we lose money on frame costs and labour, as well as postage and handling.


If the postage cost to your location is too far over what you have paid, then we will ask you to purchase another ADD POSTAGE product – we will inform you in the order confirmation email if this is the case.

Add Faces!

Only one face is included in the basic portrait price.

Add one quantity of this +1 FACE product for each additional character you wish to add to your portrait.

You can add up to 5 additional faces to your A4 Portrait (max total 6).

You can add up to 19 additional faces to your A3 Portrait (max total 20).

Add Background!

Want more detail than the standard generic background?

Simply put one quantity of our ADD BACKGROUND product into your Cart, and use the text box at the Checkout to type your background instructions.

Add Bodies!

Want more than just head and shoulders for your portrait characters?

Turn all the characters in your portrait into full-bodied caricatures by adding just one quantity of our ADD BODIES product ($10) to your Cart.

You can also type any preferences for clothes/costumes in the text box at the Checkout.