This Privacy Policy for the website, “Mimu” forms part of the website Terms & Conditions Agreement.

We, Mimu, take the necessary steps to protect your information from misuse and loss, as well as unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

This website contains links to other websites, however this website is not responsible for the content, operation or privacy practices of any other websites.

You do not have to provide any personal details to use this website.

No personal or payment information of any kind is stored by us. When you are directed to the online store, the payment processing company is 2Checkout, which means is responsible for the storage and containment of your personal details, credit card information, and the processing of all transactions.

Any information you do provide when making a purchase, making an enquiry, or participating in a discussion (such as an email address and related electronic communications) is used and disclosed only in relation to the primary purpose of the website.

This website is not intended to receive confidential information from you, so any information that you send us – text, data, document, graphic, image, concept, question, suggestion, comment or other – is at your sole discretion. Mimu takes no responsibility nor liability for any information you choose to provide in relation to your Caricature Creation.

Information Collection

We collect and store names, email addresses etc that visitors provide. We collect this and any other relevant information you choose to provide for use in line with the purpose of the website.

Like most websites, visitor details (called Log Files) are kept in a storage facility called a Web Server.

These details can include your IP address (your computer’s unique number), your operating system type, your web browser preferences and type (e.g. Chrome, Explorer, Firefox, Safari), the name of the website you clicked from to get here, how much time you have spent on this website and which pages of the site you have clicked on.

Such information is used only for the purpose of understanding visitor traffic and general patterns, and delivering more relevant and helpful content to you and other visitors to the website, all in line with the website’s purpose.

Cookies may be used to remember your preferences when using this website.

Online advertising companies also enable ads to be displayed to you based on the sites you appear to like. You can opt out of the use of these cookies here.

Information Disclosure

As information is collected as a result of interactions related to this website, it may be used for general research and observation with the aim of improving services and customer satisfaction levels.

If such information disclosure occurs, Mimu takes reasonable steps to make sure that any informed indivduals also follow confidentiality and privacy obligations to protect your personal information.

Information Access

Generally speaking, you have the right to know what information of yours we have on record. If you would like to make such a request, do let us know.

You may be required to put your request in writing. Mimu reserves the right to charge a fee for searching for, and providing access to, your information on a per request basis if appropriate.

Privacy FAQs

Q: What is the purpose of
A: The primary purpose of is to produce Caricature Creations by receiving font-facing photographs of people and/or animal’s faces as well as any additional information buyers wish to provide in order to further customise or improve the relevance of the Caricature Creation.

Q: Do I have to identify myself when using
A: No you do not. When you leave a comment in a discussion you can use a “pseudonym” (a made up name) to hide your real identity.

Q: What are these “cookies” things?
A: Cookies are small digital signature files stored by your web browser that allow your preferences to be recorded once you have visited a website.

For example, a name and email address you have entered on this website previously may automatically appear when you visit the Shop again – this is caused by a cookie that has stored this information.

Google, for example, uses cookies to serve ads to online users based on their internet visitation habits.

Q: How do I erase cookies or browser information collected by this website?
A: Go to the Settings section of your browser and Delete Browser History. There will also be an option to Delete Cookies.

For simple instructions instructions for all popular browsers click here.

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