Cricket Club Calendar (min. 12)


Caricature club calendar featuring 1 player per month

Calendar is square wall-hanging type (21cm x 21cm)

Minimum total order of 20 calendars required

Front cover includes club name, logo, text



Exclusive 12 Man Cricket Club Calendar!

Celebrate your cricket premiership win with our 12-man Cricket Club Calendar – complete with art by mimu of course!

Raise money for your club by selling or perhaps even auctioning your 20 calendars however you see fit.

All we need is a photo or two of each of the team’s 12 players and your calendars will be delivered faster than a Riley Meredith lightning bolt.

caricature cricket calendar

How To Order

You will receive twenty square wall calendars each measuring 21cm by 21cm, displaying twelve members – one each month in the calendar.

You can pay for all 20 calendars at once in a single order, or you can have your club members place their own orders until 20 calendars have been purchased.

If you are having your members purchase their calendars individually, they simply need to type the club name in the text box at the Checkout.

Your nominated club representative will need to confirm the photos of the 12 members, the club logo, and we will need to discuss and confirm the text that will appear on the front cover of your club calendar, so please reach out to us by email at to get things started.

This product also requires that you purchase two quantities of our ADD POSTAGE product in order for us to deliver the calendars to your nominated address (see below).

Start from any month!
You can choose for your Club Calendar to commence from any month of the year – we will also run this by your nominated representative when we confirm all details by email.

Minimum Total Order Of 20 Calendars

As soon as 20 orders have been made, we will be able to engage our production team and print off the batch of 20 (or 40, 60, 80, 100 etc) to send to the nominated address.

caricature cricket calendar

Add Postage!

Add two quantities of our ADD POSTAGE product to one of your calendar orders (2x$10 = $20) so that we can post them to you.

We will confirm all arrangements and preferences by email as soon as your nominated member reaches out to us.

Thanks and we look forward to what will be a very enjoyable relationship with your club.