Portrait Multi-Pack


4x A4 Portraits with all portrait extras included
2x A3 Portraits with all portrait extras included

Up to $1,000 in total savings
Voted Best Wedding Gift 2021

(NOTE: To receive originals put 2x ADD POSTAGE in Cart)



Weddings, Parties, Anything!

Whether it’s a wedding, someone’s anniversary, a graduation celebration, successful club season, a team / company milestone, or perhaps you’re just doing all your gift shopping with us here at mimu this year, our Portrait Multi-pack is perfect for you.

With all product extras included, you will be saving over $600+ (depending on how many faces your portraits require) and naturally we will assume you want all Portraits to include detailed backgrounds and lower bodies, unless you inform us otherwise.

What You Get

Four of our A4 Portraits with all extras included.
Two of our A3 Portraits with all extras included.

How Much You Save

6x ADD BODIES = $75 value
6x ADD BACKGROUND = $90 value

Up to 58x ADD FACE = up to $870 value


Add Postage!

Want your original sketches to keep forever?

For postage only (no framing) simply add two (2) quantities of our ADD POSTAGE product (2x AUD12.50 = AUD$25) to your Cart and we’ll post all your six hand-drawn original sketches on the same day that we email your digital scans.


We charge a set amount for postage, and we absorb any slight additional costs if your delivery goes over the set amount.

However, if the cost of standard postage to your location is too far over our cost, then you may have to purchase another ADD POSTAGE product – we will inform as part of the order confirmation.

Add Framing & Postage!

Receive your six original sketches framed in our durable hard-backed light-weight wooden frames by simply adding three (3) quantities of our FRAMING & POSTAGE product (AUD$30 x 3 = AUD$90) to your Cart.

We will confirm delivery arrangements in your order confirmation email.