What is “mimu”?

live sketch artist australia

It’s more a question of “who” is mimu!!

mimu is an award-winning caricaturist and artist who brings her portraits and products direct to the public at very reasonable prices.

With her unique personal take on a portrait object, and with your instructions to guide her, a creation will result that delights your loved ones, friends, teammates, club members, employees, pets, etc.

When’s the best time to gift a caricature Portrait?

Best Answer: Whenever a once-in-a-lifetime event comes along.

Think about weddings, funerals, anniversaries, birthdays, major milestones, achievements etc.

Capture any important moment you’d like to see recognised.

Turn your grandma into Wonder Woman … or your nephew into Spiderman!

Capture your father together with his boat and dog and hang the portrait on the wall in his mancave on his birthday, complete with a touching message from you on the back!

Depict your ageing or even late grandparents with all their grandchildren brought together from across the miles.

Or just show that special someone you care with a portrait of just them being them!

The possibilities are endless.

All we need from you is a front on face photo of any and all humans and/or animals that you want in the portrait.

Then you add any instructions or preferences that you’d like to type in the text box at the Checkout. Done! Your best gift ever will arrive soon thereafter!

Let your imagination run wild…


What do you mean “make moments forever”?

Our business exists to help people preserve pleasant memories.

We create gifts (together with you!) that can still exist in 1, 10, 100 years from now.

Also, your portrait can be replaced with an exact replica at any time. Yes we keep a copy of all works on file for safe-keeping in case of loss, damage, theft or additional demand. We try to stand by our slogan;

Make Moments Forever.



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